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In Vietnam, the legal provisions on tax are stipulated in the Law on Tax Administration 2019 effective from 01/07/2020, which are also guided in detail in decrees and circulars. However, understanding, applying as well as complying with tax laws in Vietnam is always a worry of individuals and businesses. In order to fulfill their tax obligations well, organizations and individuals must know what their rights and obligations need to be done and how related to tax law. Therefore, understanding tax laws will optimize the rights, interests and business advantages of enterprises.

Vo & Associates is built as a unit to provide comprehensive legal services combined with accounting services, tax agents. Therefore, we are confident to provide in-depth tax legal consulting services for businesses and individuals.

Luật sư


Lawyer Services

  • In-depth tax legal advice for enterprises; investors are foreign individuals and organizations; Vietnamese organizations and individuals;
  • Review the tax obligations of clients at the request of state agencies;
  • Litigation lawyers are involved in protecting the legitimate rights and interests of Clients in administrative lawsuits related to taxes;
  • Advising and estimating tax obligations when clients implement investment projects, transfer investment projects and transfer real estate;
  • Carry out procedures for complaints and lawsuits arising from tax administration activities from state agencies.

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