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Tax agent service

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Tax agent service

Tax agency service with full name is the service of tax registration, tax declaration, tax payment, tax finalization, tax exemption, tax reduction, tax payment, tax refund and other procedures. other tax administration on behalf of taxpayers in accordance with the Law on Tax Administration. In line with the goal of providing diverse services to customers, especially towards optimizing costs for small, medium and micro enterprises, we flexibly provide separate tax agency services or Tax agency services combine in-depth legal services and other business support services.

We are proactive in building experienced human resources, working in the field of providing tax agency and accounting services to provide safe and effective services.

Electronic contract

A contract established as information generated, sent, received and stored electronically.

Digital signatures

Is a form of signature by electronic method or understood as an electronic seal of an individual, enterprise or organization.

Electronic bill

Is a collection of electronic data messages about the sale of goods and provision of services, which are created, created, sent, received, stored and managed by electronic means.

Tax/Accounting Consulting

With tax agency services, Vo consultants provide a range of services in accordance with 2019 tax law regulations, including:
    • Procedures for tax registration, tax declaration, tax payment, tax finalization;
    • Prepare dossiers of request for tax exemption, reduction or refund;
    • Other tax procedures on behalf of taxpayers
    • Tax consulting services;
    • Accounting services for micro businesses.
    • Social insurance registration service, labor change declaration with the social insurance management agency;
    • Legal advice related to tax law;
    • Consulting, guiding skills in performing tax accounting operations

Tax/accounting consulting


Full - Service Accounting

Accounting plays a very important role in business activities. Considered an indispensable part from the establishment of a business and requires high stability to avoid risks to the business. The organization and operation of an accounting department, especially for small, medium and micro enterprises causes many difficulties and requires a certain cost. Understanding the needs of the Customer and the desire to accompany the business for a long time, Vo Consultants built a human resources department with high professional expertise to bring customers peace of mind and valuable experience in the business. using services at Vo Consultants.

Register for a personal income tax number

Temporarily calculating corporate income tax + Tax payment instructions

Make accounting books

Financial report

Print books and receipts and payments

Provide data and work with audit every year en

Accounting professional consulting

Digital signatures

Gather, check documents, invoices and declare value added tax

Report on the status of using invoices

Finalization of CIT, PIT

Consulting and balancing enterprise profit data

Consulting and making company payroll

Representative working with tax authorities

Instructions to organize and save documents and invoices clearly

Electronic Invoice

Scope of service

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