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Start-up support



Startup” – Startup is an inevitable trend of strong development today with sharing economic models, Internet of Thing, and many other new models. The characteristics of startups in the modern technology and internet era are that the investment is not large, most of which form small, medium and micro enterprises at a rapid rate, especially in developed cities. such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Da Nang. Today’s startup models deploy quickly and can measure effectiveness in a short time. However, the failure rate of startups in Vietnam currently accounts for over 90% of startups.


Starting a successful business is the desire of all start-ups. However, there are many individuals who have failed countless times before succeeding and many have given up on their entrepreneurial dreams.

 Experience and luck is one of the most appreciated factors determining the success of a startup project. However, the more we appreciate the focus. Focusing on foundational and strategic tasks helps start-ups go fast and in the right direction.

Get the chance to meet and give legal advice to hundreds of startups. We “empathize” and acknowledge the efforts of each customer to achieve success.

Lack of understanding of legal, tax and accounting regulations is not a small barrier for start-ups. The lack of skills to handle these issues, as well as the content to be done with state agencies, makes startups face long-term disadvantages in the future.

Administrative procedures

Trends of using start-up support services


Vo & Associates builds a dedicated and experienced team in supporting start-ups.

Cost optimization

Cut operating costs for legal - accounting - human resource departments for businesses.


The startup business has enough time to fully focus on the business activities of the enterprise.

Sustainable Development

Ensuring legal compliance from the very beginning, helping businesses confidently develop sustainably.

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