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Real Estate


Real Estate

In recent years, real estate has changed in value very much over time, thereby promoting the strong development of real estate-related transactions, or transactions in the field of construction as well as buying, selling, depositing, donating and contributing capital with real estate, or donations and leases. These transactions always have a lot of legal risks and risks. Many individuals, or businesses, despite having careful preparations to prevent risks, still have to bear heavy losses. Therefore, the selection of consultants as well as representatives to carry out real estate transactions, moreover, representatives to carry out administrative procedures related to Real Estate is a requirement for parties when participating in real estate-related transactions.

Therefore, it is no surprise that real estate law is one of the strong fields of practice that are interested and invested in Vo Consultants, bringing together a team of legal experts, lawyers with knowledge, experience and the ability to judge and predict specific cases, bring legal safety to each customer. Vo Consultants provides legal advice throughout the process of implementing a real estate project, from investment registration procedures; legal verification of potential partners for the project (if any); apply for a project implementation permit; purchase of land; landlord/tenant problems; provide financing for the project (mortgage; loan; etc.).

In addition, Vo Consultants also works closely with the Notary Office, Bailiff, Valuation Organization, Auction Organization to provide package services to clients related to real estate.

Lawyer Services

  • Negotiate and draft relevant contracts;
  • Drafting documents for the purchase, sale and transfer of land use rights and assets on land;
  • Advising on issues of land planning and compensation;
  • Participate in authorized representatives to settle land disputes, conciliate or litigate in court;
  • Consulting on the establishment and operation of a real estate brokerage company; real estate businesses;
  • Advising investors, land users and tenants related to issues of land lease, site clearance compensation, issuance of land use right certificates, transfer of land use rights and conversion of land use purposes in order to increase the value of land use rights.
  • Participating in, researching and consulting real estate and construction transactions;
  • Advising on procedures for granting and applying for land use right certificates;
  • Consulting on real estate business activities of foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam;
  • Consulting and investigating to prepare in-depth reports to identify commercial risks in real estate transactions;
  • Advising and supporting investors in carrying out procedures for compensation for site clearance, signing land lease contracts and procedures for issuance of land use right certificates, procedures for transferring land use rights and changing land use purposes;
  • Consulting and carrying out procedures related to licensing, completion of construction works and other procedures for enterprises investing in real estate projects.

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