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Outsourced Legal Department


Outsourced Legal Department

Outsourced legal department (regular legal advice for businesses) is a concept that is no longer strange to businesses in Vietnam. However, in fact, many companies still hesitate to choose “build an internal legal department” or use an “outsourced legal department”, even most small and medium enterprises in Vietnam do not have a legal office. internal legal as well as specialized legal personnel at the enterprise.

First of all, “Outsourced Legal Department” does not eliminate “Internal Legal Department” or “Internal legal personnel” in the enterprise.

It’s just that depending on the conditions and circumstances of each business, businesses can choose:

  • Just build an internal legal department, internal legal personnel and use the service of “hired legal department”. outside”;
  • Only build an internal legal department, internal legal personnel do not use the service of “outsourced legal department”;
  • Without building an internal legal department, internal legal personnel have just used the service of “outsourced legal department”.

Service “Outsourced legal department” at Vo Consultants

Start-up package

Basic package

Premium package

Intensive pack

Advisor/advisor: Answer questions, advise on solutions to legal issues arising from business activities.

Drafting legal documents for internal management: Developing and standardizing internal policies, contracts, and forms.
Support administrative procedures: Consulting, Appraisal and assessment of basic conditions, compiling all necessary documents and providing detailed instructions on how to carry out administrative procedures in the business process such as: Business registration business, investment registration, product circulation registration, sub-license, tax – social insurance, import and export, intellectual property…
Review and evaluate contracts; Drafting contracts. Consulting on contract negotiation plans, guiding and supporting contract administration, risk prevention and offering dispute resolution options;

Compliant – Compliance control: Consulting and supporting shareholder relationship management solutions; Support and advise on internal processes to control activities in compliance with internal policies and laws;
Legal training:
After standardizing the entire system of contracts and internal policies, Lawyers at Vo & Asscociates will conduct direct training on legal issues to the enforcement departments at the enterprise. This helps the enforcement departments to understand and grasp the details of the implementation of legal-related policies at the enterprise, improve human resource capacity, increase the professionalism of the business and ensure compliance. compliance with the regulations of the enforcement department.

Advantages of “Outsourced Legal Department”


Expertise and experience

Compared to the legal department or internal legal personnel, the team of outsourced lawyers has many opportunities to “clash” in reality with a variety of legal situations. helping the outsourced legal department handle everything quickly and efficiently;


Transparency and stability

Finding an employee or human resources department that fits the company’s culture and must fully meet the requirements of the job is always the desire of every business. Moreover, to maintain the attachment of an employee, a stable department with a business is not easy.


Cost Optimization

On average, a legal staff needs at least 3 years of experience to be able to handle simple legal matters on their own and at least 5 years of experience to be able to work independently. Having to set up a legal department with at least two employees to be able to handle all the activities of the business is difficult and with significant costs, in addition to the benefits required for the business. workers. The use of an outsourced legal department can lead to a cost reduction of more than 50% compared to the cost of self-operation and organization.


Streamlined apparatus, efficient operation

With the development trend of internet technology and the current easy connection, the departments working together are not limited in terms of space. In addition, the covid19 pandemic has led to changes in corporate governance to reduce costs, including many businesses aiming to streamline the apparatus. The use of outsourced legal departments helps businesses streamline the apparatus but still ensure smooth and sustainable operation.

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