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Office Sharing

What is a shared office?

Units or companies with excess workspace or machinery can share with other companies and charge a fee. Shared office has been around for a long time in the world and was introduced to Vietnam in 2007. Up to now, this type of office has been used a lot by newly established companies and young businesses. This is the optimal solution to help small and medium enterprises minimize costs.

Shared office services:

Set address

Flexible working seats/fixed working seats;

Work room

Detailed fee schedule for shared office services: Link

Advantages of shared office

Save time and money

Instead of wasting time and money on building a corporate office. Business owners just need to find companies that provide shared office services, sign a contract and use that service.

The enterprise will pay a part of the cost suitable for the purpose of use and have the right to use all the facilities available in the common space such as: reception hall, reception, meeting room, equipment: machine Printer, copier, projector…

Comfortable working space, fully equipped, flexible rental area and office rental time depends on the needs of customers

Prime location, increase brand recognition

Setting up the company headquarters in the city center, located in high-class buildings, is now easier than ever thanks to the use of shared office services.

This advantage helps businesses find partners in an optimal way, being highly positioned in the eyes of customers. It is one of the ways to increase brand awareness and reputation of the business.

It is also more convenient and faster to move and meet customer partners. Employees get to work in a professional space, which helps boost morale as well as increase their work performance.

Full of superior facilities

Professional receptionist; IT staff, office secretaries support quickly.

The meeting room is equipped with modern machines: projectors, sound system, the most modern electric lights… high-speed internet system

24/7 security service, daily cleaning service.

The lobby is luxurious, the common area is equipped with dynamic and modern equipment.

Support business registration procedures, legal advice, accounting services, salary calculation…

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