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Litigation Laywer


From the perspective of practicing practice in Vietnam, a Litigation Lawyer is a person who will participate in the litigation process and resolve disputes arising from the time when the parties exercise their right to initiate a lawsuit, settle the case and terminate the dispute. case when there is an effective judgment or decision of the court/commercial arbitration. Moreover, at present, the scope of Litigation Lawyers is also expanded through participating in resolving disputes outside the court such as negotiation and negotiation between parties, disputes at commercial arbitration. .

Vietnamese law does not have a specific definition for the term “dispute lawyer”. However, in practice, litigation is considered as a process by which parties with opposing interests make claims, evidences and arguments to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

With the increasingly diverse development of society, Litigation Lawyers participate in most of the “commercial, labor, civil, criminal, intellectual property and administrative business” disputes. In order to meet professional requirements and job skills, Litigation Lawyers need to have certain experience to independently handle disputes that occur, avoiding damage to clients. In addition, the element of experience and “qualities” of a lawyer is also one of the decisive factors that can bring high efficiency in the provision of legal services of a litigator.

Legal expert

Indepth legal knowledge

Knowledge of other fields

Soft skills

Our range of services

  • Acting as the client’s authorized representative and/or attorney throughout the dispute resolution process, including consulting and conducting litigation
  • Attend meetings of the parties, and/or adjudication sessions, conciliation meetings convened by the court, arbitrator or conciliator; and
  • In the field of commercial arbitration and mediation, our services include drafting arbitration/mediation provisions in commercial contracts, representing clients as plaintiffs and defendants applications in arbitration proceedings and arbitration proceedings, advice on the enforcement of arbitral awards and successful conciliation results according to the law of Vietnam.

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