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Legal information

Legal information is a website that helps Vo Consultants connect closer to all of its clients by providing basic legal information and knowledge as well as necessary forms. We always keep in mind, giving customers “valuable experiences” when coming to Vo & Associates. Therefore, in many different ways, we always want to contribute the values of lawyers and law practice organizations to the community.

Category categories:

In the legal knowledge section, Vo Consultants continuously updates valuable articles providing legal information in various fields: Enterprise – investment law; Commercial law; Real estate business law; Civil law – marriage and family; Labor law; Criminal law as well as many other areas of law. When conducting the lessons here, Vo Consultants focuses on the goal of providing basic and easy-to-understand knowledge to serve the needs of each client for self-study of the law. Customers can easily find the content they want, helping themselves more in the process of “handling” the case encountered. However, this is not advice from Vo Consultants for any particular case; And from time to time, legal regulations are always operating and changing, so the information here, although we try to provide the most appropriate way, cannot meet 100% of the usefulness. used as expected. This is also the reason we encourage our clients to directly contact a lawyer at Vo Consultants to resolve the case in the most effective way.

In the customer story section, we give real stories in the process of Vo & Associates accompanying our customers. From the actual cases that happened, we have detailed instructions based on the law with the goal of bringing the expected results to customers. Through this section, we hope that customers will find the closeness, the intimacy of law and life. As well as being equipped with basic information to be able to handle legal cases that customers themselves may encounter.

With practical working experience, we are aware of the importance of correct use of forms and applications when participating in the handling of cases in accordance with the law. This is also the reason that along with the provision of basic legal information, Vo & Associates provides free legal forms as well as forms prepared by a team of experts at Vo & Associatescomes to customers. Thereby creating favorable conditions for all clients when participating in legal relations. And this is also the value that Vo Consultants expects to bring to each customer, to the community.

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