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Land and Housing




“Land – housing” can be said to be very valuable assets in Vietnam today. The land-housing legal relationship appears in each individual and organization with all walks of life. And legal regulations, Land and housing are governed by 02 different groups of legal documents.

For land, including land relations between the State and land users such as land allocation, land recovery, land requisition, settlement of land disputes; Relations between land users such as exchange, transfer, inheritance, mortgage of land use rights are governed by the Land Law and the decrees and circulars guiding the Land Law.

For housing, including regulations on ownership, development, management and use of housing; housing transactions; State management of housing in Vietnam is governed by the Law on Housing and its guiding documents.

And also, because this is a legal relationship that appears in all social activities and the legal regulations on the relationship are quite complicated, making it difficult for all organizations and individuals to apply. This creates many risks for the parties involved in this legal relationship.

Lawyers advise on administrative procedures related to land and housing; Certificate of land use rights, houses and properties attached to land

Consulting the regulations on ownership of land use rights and houses of foreigners in Vietnam;

Consulting procedures for complaints and lawsuits arising from land and housing relations;

Providing litigation lawyer services to protect the legitimate rights and interests of clients for disputes arising from land and housing relations.

Consulting procedures for transfer, conversion, donation, inheritance, capital contribution with land use rights and houses;

Drafting documents and contracts related to land and house use rights;

Consulting on tax obligations related to land use rights and houses.

Consulting, implementing administrative procedures related to construction permits, construction completion procedures; Other related administrative procedures.

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