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Employees are the human resource that determines the existence and development of each enterprise, and more broadly affects the economy of a country and society. The relationship between employees and enterprises is a special form of contractual relationship in which employees sell their labor power (physical, mental) to the enterprise for commensurate results (namely wages, bonuses and other benefits).

Labor contract relations, unlike other contractual relations, directly affect the interests of a person and can indirectly affect a family of employees. Therefore, this is a very sensitive relationship that requires transparency and fairness while also being humane and reasonable.

Therefore, the legal relations on labor in Vietnam have very detailed constraints both businesses and employees. In addition to being governed by the Labor Code, decrees and guiding circulars; Labor relations are also governed by internal documents such as labor regulations, labor agreements, working regulations, labor contracts, etc.



Lawyer Services

Consulting and developing internal policies on labor such as labor regulations; labor agreements; working regulations, labor contracts, etc.;

Advising and settling issues on behalf of labor disputes arising in the enterprise;

Consulting and developing labor restructuring plans;

Advising and carrying out procedures on registration, increase and reduction of compulsory social insurance for employees;

Consulting on building payroll, bonus and welfare policies for employees;

Litigation lawyers settle labor disputes at labor conciliation agencies, courts;

Labor law training for the human resources department of the enterprise;

Provide regular and in-depth consulting services on labor law;

Consulting and implementing procedures to support employees according to government decisions.

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