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Investment Consulting Service

According to current legal regulations, in certain cases, domestic investors as well as foreign investors are required to carry out investment registration procedures as prescribed before carrying out investment activities in Vietnam. as well as investment abroad. And depending on the size of the investment, the industry as well as the investment area, the investment procedures are also different, leading to many investors confused in the implementation process, leading to the delay of the plan. investment, there are many cases where investors have to miss opportunities in business. Or in some other cases, incomplete or improper implementation of the provisions of the investment law leads to legal violations later on, leading to great risks for investment activities.

With more than 10 years of experience in consulting business and investment law as well as performing investment registration procedures on behalf of clients in Vietnam, Vo & Associates has performed many related work items, promoting effectively speed up the investment process for customers. Therefore, Vo & Associates is currently a provider of legal services related to consulting and implementing investment procedures, trusted by many customers.

Investment legal consulting services and investment registration at Vo & Associates

 1. Domestic investment:

  • Legal advice on investment conditions, investment incentives, investment procedures for domestic and foreign investors;
  • Carry out procedures for approval of investment policies;
  • Carry out the procedures for applying for an Investment Registration Certificate;
  • Carrying out procedures for establishing foreign-invested economic organizations;
  • Consulting on the establishment of investment projects;
  • Investment consulting in the form of BCC contract.
  • Legal advice and implementation of procedures for foreign investors to invest in the form of capital contribution, purchase of contributed capital, purchase of shares.

  2. Overseas investment:

  • Legal advice for offshore investment activities;
  • Carrying out procedures for applying for approval of outward investment;
  • Carry out the procedures for carrying out the procedures for applying for the Certificate of offshore investment registration;
  • Open an offshore investment capital account and transfer investment money abroad.

 3. Establishing representative offices and branches of foreign enterprises in Vietnam:

  • Legal advice on registration of representative offices and branches of foreign traders in Vietnam;
  • Carry out procedures for registration of operation of representative offices and branches of foreign traders in Vietnam.
  • Carry out procedures for change of registered contents, notice of changes in operation contents of representative offices and branches of foreign traders in Vietnam.

4. Advice on adjustment of investment registration contents:

  • Change investor information;
  • Change business information;
  • Change information on investment projects related to objectives and scale;
  • Change the location of the investment project;
  • Change the form of investment;
  • Change in investment capital;
  • Change the time limit for implementation of investment projects;
  • Change investor information, change investor;
  • At the same time, when the enterprise carries out the procedures for adjusting the investment registration certificate, it will have to change the relevant contents in the enterprise registration certificate.

5. Procedures for terminating investment projects, dissolving foreign-invested legal entities, and terminating operations of representative offices and branches of foreign traders in Vietnam.

On the basis of the provisions of current law, we will conduct legal advice, including but not limited to investment conditions, how to prove investment capital, registration procedures invest in opening capital accounts and transferring money abroad… in order to help investors carry out investment activities completely in accordance with the law in the fastest and most effective way.

Service Commitment:

  • 100% refund of service fee if there is no result (due to the law firm’s fault);
  • Handing over all documents for the Enterprise to store;
  • Free legal advice support for the first year related to the business activities of Start-ups.
  • Service contact:
  • Investment legal consulting services are performed by a group of Corporate Lawyers in charge with in-depth knowledge of business, investment, commercial business and tax law.
  • For efficient and fast service, please contact:
  • Corporate Lawyer: 0909 865 891 – 0901 476 391
  • Or send request via email: hello@voconsultants.vn
  • Office address: 8th floor, Callary Building, 123 Ly Chinh Thang, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Best regards./.

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