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Investment and Enterprise


Investment and enterprise

Investment and enterprise laws in Vietnam have undergone significant changes in recent years. The Enterprise Law 2020 and the Investment Law 2020 both take effect from January 1, 2021, according to which there are changes in accordance with the current opening trend of the Vietnamese economy. Theact marks the determination to reform the law on investment enterprises; simplify the procedures for business and investment registration to maximize the facilitation of the market entry process, expressing the will of the business community.

However, one of the problems that exists is causing many difficulties for businesses and especially foreign investors, which is the existence of “sub-licenses” and the overlap in specialized laws, making enterprises asexual, intentionally have violations, leading to negative consequences for businesses and state management agency.

Lawyers providing legal advice on enterprises and investment in order to be able to remove difficulties for enterprises and investors, in addition to understanding the legal provisions of enterprises and investment, must also have in-depth knowledge of specific specialized laws according to each specific activity of the enterprise; Internal management mechanism as well as actual operation of the enterprise.

Lawyer Services

Advising and carrying out procedures for establishment and change of enterprise registration contents, investment registration contents;

Advising and reviewing compliance on business and investment conditions;

Advising and carrying out procedures for applying for sub-licenses for enterprises;

Provide regular consulting packages specializing in corporate and investment law;

Provide a training package for enterprise law and investment law for the internal legal department of the enterprise;

Consulting on drafting and reviewing investment contracts, capital contribution contracts, business cooperation contracts, charters and internal documents of enterprises;

Advising, implementing information transparency procedures and organizing general meetings of shareholders for joint stock companies and public companies;

Other contents on corporate law, investment law at the request of the clients.

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