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Investment abroad in recent years has increased sharply, bringing a large source of foreign currency to Vietnam. According to information from the Ministry of Planning and Investment, in the first 8 months of 2021, the total amount of newly and additionally granted foreign investment capital reached 575 million USD, up 74.1% compared to 2020.

According to current legal regulations, investors carrying out outward investment activities in the following forms must still carry out procedures for overseas investment licensing:

  • Establishment of economic organizations in accordance with regulations. of the law of the host country;
  • Investments in the form of contracts abroad;
  • Contributing capital, buying shares, buying capital contributions of an economic organization abroad to participate in the management of such economic organization;
  • Buying and selling securities and other valuable papers or investing through securities investment funds and other intermediary financial institutions in foreign countries;
  • Other forms of investment in accordance with the laws of the host country.

Similar to investment projects in Vietnam, offshore investment projects are also classified into many types, based on the investment industry, the amount of investment capital, and the licensing procedures. Many domestic enterprises are confused in carrying out procedures, even not carrying out licensing procedures as well as reporting overseas investment activities. This leads to domestic enterprises not having enough legal documents to transfer investment capital abroad as well as repatriate profits in the course of project implementation. And many businesses suffer financial losses when they have to pay administrative fines for not complying with the law. Therefore, understanding and complying with the legal regulations on investment abroad is essential, helping the enterprises themselves avoid unnecessary risks and above all, be recognized and protected by the law guard.

Lawyer Services

Consulting on legal issues on offshore investment activities;

Consulting, implementing procedures for reporting overseas investment projects;

Consulting on the transfer of investment capital and profits from abroad to Vietnam;

Consulting, carry out procedures for licensing, change the outward investment certificate of the project subject to the decision on outward investment policy;

Consulting, carrying out procedures for licensing, changing the outward investment certificate of projects that are not required to have decisions on outward investment policies;

Legal advice on using Vietnamese laborers to work abroad.

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