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Full start-up support

The young Santiago did not choose to be a priest, nor did he accept the choice of “ice cream seller” or “crystal shop owner” to decide to find his “dream treasure”. On that journey, the young Santiago was tricked all of the sheep, lost all 50 gold coins… had to cross the harsh desert, sometimes about to trade it with his life but in the end… He also reached his destination.

And like the Alchemist’s quote “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”, roughly translated “When you want something, the whole universe conspires to help you achieve it.” there”. (Excerpt from the book “The Alchemist”). Because of that, the young Santiago went to the end no matter how difficult the journey was.

Who will you choose to be? The guy Santiago or the ice cream seller or the owner of the crystal shop. You are a young enthusiastic person with the desire to “start a business” but do not know where to start and are still confused. The first thing you should choose for yourself is an “enthusiastic” consultant dedicated to accompanying you on that entrepreneurial journey. And of course, you should firmly believe “When you desire something, the whole universe will conspire to help you achieve it”.

Built from a group of “Young Lawyers”, we have also started a business, so we always appreciate the opportunity to accompany all the “startups”. And this is also the enthusiasm that motivates us to provide the package “Startup support service package” with the desire to accompany all of you:

Start-up trends


Built from a group of “Young Lawyers”, we have also been starting a business, that’s why we always appreciate the opportunity to accompany all “startups”. Therefore, we provide the package “Startup support service package” with the desire to accompany all of you:

Our full start-up support service:

  • Start-up legal: Legal advice related to business lines; business conditions; investment and business incentive policies; business location; capital and rights and obligations of owners, capital contributors and shareholders of the company. And accompany start-ups with regular legal advice packages at preferential costs for newly established businesses during the first 2 years.
  • Tax agency services: Consulting, performing tax agency services, operations related to initial tax file registration, electronic invoices, electronic signatures, bank accounts and tax declarations. Monthly, quarterly for businesses.
  • Shared office service: The optimal solution to help start-ups have a modern and dynamic working environment in the city center but at an appropriate cost. Accordingly, start-ups have a variety of choices: Set office address, Flexible seating, Fixed seat, Separate office.
  • Full service business establishment within 5 working days, customers only need to sign the application once, authorize the entire lawyer at Vo & Associates and wait for the results to be: Certificate of business registration Completed business establishment profile including company charter developed and consulted with a long-term “useful” orientation, business seal, director’s name seal, company logo

  • Logo design and trademark registration in accordance with the law;

  • Develop internal corporate policies, standardize forms, contracts, and work processes according to customer requirements. Corporate legal training, labor for the enforcement department.

  • Carry out other administrative support procedures: Visa registration, temporary residence card for investors, foreign workers, insurance registration for employees


Vo & Associates builds a dedicated and experienced team in supporting start-ups.

Cost optimization

Cut operating costs for legal - accounting - human resource departments for businesses.


The startup business has enough time to fully focus on the business activities of the enterprise.

Sustainable Development

Ensuring legal compliance from the very beginning, helping businesses confidently develop sustainably.

Starting a successful business is the desire of all start-ups. However, there is no shortage of entrepreneurs who have failed, even failed countless times before succeeding and many have given up their entrepreneurial dreams. Get the chance to meet and give legal advice to hundreds of startups. Vo Consultants “empathizes” and acknowledges the efforts of each client to achieve success. Experience and luck is one of the most appreciated factors determining the success of a startup project. However, the more we appreciate the focus. Focusing on foundational and strategic tasks helps startups move quickly and in the right direction. Lack of understanding about legal, tax and accounting regulations and having to struggle with “administrative” jobs every day is a big barrier for startups. This, as well as the contents to be done with government agencies, will cause startups to face long-term disadvantages in the future.We appreciate the opportunity to accompany the “startup” to support support you with all of the above “not your expertise” content.

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