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Full C&B Service

Full C&B Service

Smart Choice Of All Enterprise

Full C&B Service – Smart choice for every business. Lawyers at Vo & Associates have high expertise and many years of experience in labor law and business management.

We are committed to bringing customers valuable utilities in this field, saving time and costs, thoroughly solving the problem of building a transparent welfare policy between Enterprises and Employees. That improves the quality of enterprise management and attracts employees at the enterprise.


What is C&B and Full C&B service?

C&B (short for Compensation and Benefit Executive) is a department that is mainly responsible for the salary, bonus, policies, and related benefits for employees at the enterprise.

With professions requiring in-depth knowledge of Labor law. The full C&B service package at Vo & Associates is built as a type of specialized legal service to assist businesses in performing specific tasks such as developing employee welfare policies, forms between Employees and Enterprises as well as performing operations related to salary calculation, making payroll, carrying out procedures related to social insurance, trade union…

Why use C&B service?

For each business, the implementation of C&B operations is relatively complicated, especially those that do not have much experience in building a dedicated team. These professional policies need a lot of time and have high potential for legal risks leading to unnecessary disputes between Employees and Enterprises, even in many cases where enterprises must suffer. The “administrative fines” are not small because of the “omissions” in the process of complying with the law. And above all, focusing on core tasks will help businesses develop quickly and sustainably. Therefore, using the C&B service package of a professional law firm will solve a lot of related issues between employees and businesses, create a transparent working environment, and enhance the brand. Enterprise Recruitment.



Full C&B service at Vo & Associates

  • Consulting on Labor law, Social Insurance as well as related regulations.
  • Perform operations related to the social insurance regime for employees.
  • Perform payroll calculation for employees, make payroll, timesheets, pay slips…
  • Store labor records for businesses.
  • Implement the reporting regime on labor law compliance in accordance with the law.
  • Carry out procedures for PIT finalization for employees.
  • Mediation and settlement of labor disputes arising between Employees and Enterprises.
  • Building forms: Labor regulations, labor agreements, labor regulations, Labor contracts… and internal forms between Employees and Enterprises.

C&B service process at Vo & Associates



Step 2

Step 3

Step 3







We will record information about customers who have needs through the receiving information pages of Vo & Associates

The consulting staff will be based on the information and needs of the customer and from there give preliminary advice on the right service packages for the business. We set the criteria of honesty – clarity, listen to the needs and bring customers the details and work items in the most detailed and specific way.

After the consultation process, if the customer agrees to use the service, Vo & Associates will negotiate the terms of cooperation and establish a contract, and finally sign the contract.

Vo & Associates will carry out the work and operations as signed in the service. We are always ready to give you free advice on relevant legal regulations

In case of termination of cooperation with each other, Vo & Associates is committed to protecting customer information for life and takes full responsibility before the law if there are problems with information leakage from Vo & Associates.

In order to be provided with an accurate and professional package of C&B services, please contact us to get detailed information for the Service.

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