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Finace & Banking

  • Advising on secured loan transactions;
  • Secured transactions involving real estate and personal property;
  • Offering securities to the centralized market and and OTC market;
  • Negotiate and manage Letter credit (L/C), Escrow accounts;
  • Debt collection procedures, including negotiation – conciliation procedures, arbitration procedures and lawsuits;
  • Legal advice on banking and credit products;
  • Advising on commercial transactions on documents and electronically;
  • Advising on transactions on capital structure in credit institutions;
  • Advising and supporting capital mobilization of public, infrastructure and public-private projects;
  • Advising on the issuance of individual shares, stock options in public companies;
  • Bank establishment, bank mergers and acquisitions;
  • Advising and drafting financial documents, letters of credit, credit support documents and mortgages in credit transactions;
  • Advising on capital market transactions including underwriting of government bonds and corporate bonds and securitization in the Vietnamese and international markets;
  • Advising, authorized representatives or/and providing lawyer services to resolve disputes arising from financial and banking activities;

Lawyer Services

Finance & Banking

  • Providing legal advice, carrying out procedures for contract liquidation, disbursement of guarantees, dispute settlement and initiation of loan recovery lawsuits;
  • Advising and drafting internal policies, customer service and compliance controls in banking and non-bank credit institutions.

Legal advice in the field of finance and banking is advice on issues related to the operation of banking and non-bank credit institutions; advising and representing license applications, credit transactions and compliance issues of Vietnamese law. bank loans including syndicated lending, preparation and review of contractual agreements. There is also advice on registration of secured transactions, regulatory framework assessment and financial risk management for project financings.

Banking and finance consultants require knowledge and research on finance & banking in Vietnam while always updating and supplementing broad knowledge in many fields that can support all financial and banking service needs of clients. The finance & banking sector includes products and services of retail banking, consumer credit, mortgages, financial law and payment mechanisms. Provide advice on banking regulatory matters and often assist clients in negotiations with relevant state regulators.

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