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Family Marriage

The Law on Marriage and Family regulates social relations in the field of marriage and family, specifically: marriage, relations between husband and wife, between family members (between parents and children), between paternal grandparents, maternal grandparents and grandchildren, between siblings and between family members ; child support, identification of parents and children; adopted child; guardianship between family members; divorce; marriage and family relations with foreign elements; property relationship of husband and wife.

Unlike other relationships, the marriage relationship is a bonded relationship governed by affection and bloodline, so legal disputes occur in marriage and family relationships also by many people. different reasons. In the process of consulting and handling disputes related to marriage and family, the Law plays the role of providing objective assessments to help the parties reconcile their interests.



Lawyer Services

Legal advice on marriage procedures involving foreign elements;

Advising on adoption procedures; adoption with foreign elements;

Lawyers protect legitimate rights and interests in divorce cases, child custody disputes, joint property disputes during marriage.

Legal advice on annulment of illegal marriage;

Legal advice on consent to divorce, unilateral divorce, divorce with foreign elements;

Legal advice on child custody disputes, joint property disputes during marriage.

Advice on requesting to perform alimony obligations after divorce.

Legal advice on changing the person directly raising children after divorce.

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