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Certificate Of Travel Service Business

With the advantage of being a country with many tourist attractions, in recent years, Vietnam has attracted a lot of tourists and the travel business has also made great strides. This is considered a potential business field and brings a lot of huge profits. Therefore, the need to establish and operate travel agencies is increasing day by day. The following article Vo Consultants will provide information on the conditions for establishing a travel agency.

Travel business is a conditional business line. Therefore, in order to establish a business of this type, certain conditions must be met. The travel business has two different forms: domestic travel agency and international travel agency. The two forms will have different conditions for establishing and applying for a business license.

Services related to Certifiacte of Domestic / International travel business license

1. The contents customers will be consulted to perform the service of making a travel service business license

  • Advice on procedures for applying for a travel service business license
  • Consulting on the field and scope of operation of the domestic/international travel business license
  • Document consulting and document drafting support
  • Consult customers to provide relevant documents

2. Service of applying for a travel business license at Vo & Associates

  • Making dossiers and procedures for new issuance of travel service business licenses
  • License Adjustment

3. Why choose the service package Licensing travel service business at Vo & Associates

  • Clients will receive dedicated legal advice by an experienced and dedicated lawyer;
  • Affordability;
  • Package service, guaranteed results Customers only sign and provide documents once;
  • Quick procedure records, spend as desired;
  • Get guidance and advice on other related issues;
  • Customer information is absolutely confidential.

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