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Certificate of Intellectual Property

According to the provisions of Clause 1, Article 4 of the Law on Intellectual Property 2005 (amended and supplemented 2009), “Intellectual property rights are the rights of organizations and individuals to intellectual property, including copyright and rights related to copyright, industrial property rights and rights to plant varieties”.
Speaking of “intellectual property”, we understand that these are creative products of the human brain, which can be literary works, music, computer software, inventions, inventions, solutions. utility, industrial design…. Characteristically, intellectual property rights are rights to creations. And of course, creating these “properties” takes a lot of time and effort… Therefore, the law always needs strict regulations to ensure ownership for the owner of the property. this intellectual property.
The current intellectual property law is not too strange, the team of lawyers at Vo Consultants has many years of research experience as well as practical experience. We have established a wide range of specialized legal services, intellectual property law is one of the key legal areas that Vo Consultants builds, in order to provide in-depth and complete legal services to all clients. row.

1. Intellectual property legal services at Vo & Associates

Registering trademark

Inventions and utility solutions

Industrial Designs

Copyright and related

From 3,000,000 VND

  • Look up information related to Trademarks;
  • Advice on the possibility of registration and use of Trademarks;
  • Design consultation and adjustment of the Trademark template to increase the possibility of successful registration;
  • Registration of Trademarks, Collective Marks and Certification Marks;
  • Carrying out procedures for objections, complaints and invalidation of Trademark registration certificates;
  • Renewal of validity of Trademark registration certificates;
  • Trademark profile management for businesses;
  • Noting changes to the Trademark registration certificate;
  • Consultancy on registration of transfer of intellectual property rights to Trademarks.

From 30,000,000 VND

  • Look up information related to Inventions and Utility Solutions;
  • Advice on patentability and utility solutions;
  • Registration of Patents and Utility Solutions;
  • Carrying out proceedings for objection, appeal and invalidation of the Patent;
  • Maintain the validity of Patents and Utility Solutions.

From 8,000,000 VND

  • Look up information related to Industrial Designs;
  • Consulting on the ability to protect industrial designs;
    Industrial Design Registration;
  • Conducting procedures for objections, complaints and invalidation of industrial design patents;
  • Renewal of validity of an industrial design patent;
  • Carry out procedures for recording changes related to the Industrial Design.

From 5,000,000 VND

  • Search, apply for registration and advice on Copyright and related rights;
  • Representing clients in contract negotiations on Copyright and related rights;
  • Representing clients in copyright and related rights dispute resolution.
2. Besides, Vo & Associates also provide related services

a) Investigate and handle violations of intellectual property rights

  • Investigate the market, detect violations;
  • Legal advice on handling of violations;
  • Representing clients before competent enforcement authorities.
  • Investigate use/non-use of Trademarks.

b) Settlement of complaints and disputes about intellectual property rights

  • Legal advice on complaints and disputes of intellectual property rights;
  • Representing clients in objections, complaints, requests for termination or invalidation of protection titles;
  • Representing customers in complaints and disputes about trade names, business secrets, domain names, unfair competition on Intellectual Property…;
  • Participating in legal proceedings as a representative lawyer in relation to complaints and disputes of intellectual property rights;
  • Consulting on trademark assessment, customs supervision registration;
  • Representing customers in recommending violations, acts of unfair competition;
  • Representing clients in negotiating and agreeing on related issues during the settlement of the case;

c) Other services

  • Register and maintain domain names;
  • Registering a Geographical Indication;
  • Support protection of rights to trade names and trade secrets.

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