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Business registration

“Business registration” means the administrative procedures that business owners and enterprises are required to carry out at the Department of Planning and Investment where the enterprise is headquartered/has branches, representative offices, and locations. business. Business registration has now been “simplified” in terms of administrative procedures. Enterprises can completely do it themselves quickly by submitting documents directly, by post or through the national portal on business registration (depending on the locality). However, this simplicity and convenience also lead to cases where businesses “look lightly” on administrative procedures, sketchy in the process of preparing documents or assigning unprofessional service providers. , leading to risks in the future, typically the sketchy construction of documents such as: Cooperation agreement between founding shareholders, capital contributors, investors; Company charter, capital contribution transfer contract, etc.
For business registration to be done quickly, legally and cost-effectively… Using business registration services at reputable law firms is a safe and smart choice for all clients. row.
Vo & Associates is an in-depth legal service provider with a wide range of fields. One of the goals that our team of lawyers set as their mission is “Accompanying the development of the business”. Therefore, we diversify legal services for this group of clients, especially small and medium enterprises… which are inherently at risk of facing unintended legal risks. want at a very high rate.

I. Business registration services

1.What customers need to pay attention to in business registration activities

  • Detailed legal regulations on business lines, assets to be contributed as capital, time limit for capital contribution, business name, trademark protection registration, type of company, company charter, tax incentives. if)…
  • Detailed legal regulations on cooperation agreements between founding shareholders, capital contributors, investors, corporate governance model…
  • Rights and obligations of the parties arising from the establishment or change of business registration contents;
  • Penalties for administrative violations in the implementation of business registration procedures.

Please refer to the service package https://voconsultants.vn/ho-tro-khoi-nghiep-tron-goi/

2. Why choose the business registration service at Vo & Associates:

  • Get dedicated legal advice by an experienced lawyer;
  • Customers sign and provide documents only once;
  • Get quick results in 5 working days.
  • Free legal companionship for the first year from the date of establishment of the business.

3. Business registration service at Vo & Associates:

Setting up a package company
Only from: 2,500,000 VND


Change content of business registration
Only from: 1,500,000 VND


Branches, representative offices, Business locations
Only from: 2,000,000 VND


4. Legal services to support businesses:

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