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Advisory Lawyer

Diverse areas of life are governed by many legal regulations that not everyone understands to apply and comply with. Knowing and understanding the legal regulations helps individuals, organizations and businesses make legally safe decisions before and during the process of participating in transactions. The consulting attorney has the role of making judgments, forecasts as well as recommending options for the Client before the Client decides to participate in a legal transaction as well as the process of implementing and terminating the relationship. that legal system.

Unlike litigation lawyers, consulting lawyers participate in every stage in the process of clients entering into a legal relationship. establish rights and obligations in all transactions of life.

Legal expert

Senior Counsel

Senior Counsel

Human Resources Consultant

  • Consulting on establishment, organization and operation of enterprises, investment law; real estate business consulting; financial and banking consulting; tax legal advice; intellectual property consulting,…
  • Legal advice on commercial business: Business conditions; Business contracts, goods purchase and sale contracts, service provision contracts, etc.
  • Legal advice on land and civil: Division of inheritance, donation of property, purchase and sale of goods through civil contracts, disputes over land use rights, etc.
  • Counseling and settlement in marriage and family disputes;
  • Other legal advice requirements at the request of the client

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