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About us

Open letter

Dear Clients and Partners,

Vo & Associates Team would like to send you our respectful greetings and best wishes.

Clients and Partners continue to face challenges in business and in life, and we still share and comprehend your struggles. With each Client and Partner, we are dedicated to creating a culture of “accompanying” and “sharing”.

Thank you to Clients and Partners for giving us the chance to connect among thousands of options. We appreciate the experiences that Clients and Partners share with us, and we always hope that you will have, are having, or have had positive experiences at our Law Firm.

Best regards,

Open letter


This is our most valuable asset, and we are dedicated to preserving it. The staff maintains complete integrity and is constantly improving their expertise, loyalty, and the highest ethical standards.


It is the connecting link between our Law Firm and clients that we commit to from the beginning of the day. Calculation outcomes are also a reflection of our efforts and are what every customer expects.

Company culture

Valuable experiences

When clients use services at our Law Firm, we strive to provide complete satisfaction and a sense of security in with the outcomes of a service.

Community cooperation

We are committed to providing free legal advice to the poor, policy families, and disadvantaged cases, and we have pledged to set aside 1% of our annual profits for charitable activities.

VO & ASSOCIATES LAW FIRM was founded and led by enthusiastic and experienced Lawyers with the goal of providing quality and diverse services in order to optimize costs and efficiency for all clients, especially corporate clients. As a result, we have developed a series of specialized services for corporate clients, including legal consulting, outsourced legal services, tax agency services, and start-up support services.

  • Consulting Lawyer, Litigation Lawer, Outsourced legal services: This is the type of strength and enthusiasm that our Law Firm is known for. The team of lawyers is diverse in terms of expertise and bravery in work. For all arising legal issues, we offer Litigation and Consulting Lawyer services.
  • Tax agency services: With the assistance of a team of lawyers with sufficient knowledge and expertise in tax law; this is an exceptional strength of our tax agency service in comparison to similar service providers.
  • Start-up support services: With the opportunity to interact with start-ups and understand their needs. We provide a complete start-up solution for small and medium-sized businesses, including legal services, tax agents, recruitment and shared office rental services, management solutions, and other complementary services such as visas, temporary residence cards for investors and foreign workers entering Vietnam…

As the highest goal, always consider experiences that really add value to each client, not just starting with the client, our Law Firm wishes to accompany and develop with the client.

Customer solutions

Comprehensive legal services

Solutions include: Consulting Lawyer,  Litigation Lawyer, other legal service such as: Licensing/Administrative procedures and Outsourced legal department.

Accordingly, the lawyers are trained intensively in each field: Investment – enterprise; Real estate business law; Banking and Finance; Commercial business; Civil; Criminal; Labor; Family marriage; Intellectual property.

Tax agent service

Tax agency service solutions include: Tax consulting/accounting; Package accounting; Prepare financial statements and tax finalization; tax services. 

Start-up support

Solutions for start-up support include: Package start-up support; Outsourced legal department; Outsourced accounting department; Shared office; Recruitment and other business support services such as: Visas for foreign investors/workers, temporary residence cards for foreigners…

Legal expert


Vo Thi Man


Tran Minh Tam


Vo Thi Thuy


Huynh Thi Truc Ly


Luu Thi Hang Hoa

Senior Counsel

LLM. Ngo Gia Hoang

Senior Counsel

LLM. Le Ho Trung Hieu

Human Resources Consultant

Pham Thi Thu Trang

Legal executive

Huynh Quang Khai


(1) Flexible client information receipt;

(2) Always give a legal assessment and preliminary advice before quoting a fee to the client;

(3) Information about services, attorney fees and implementation time is transparent and clear;

(4) Update work progress regularly for clients;

(5) Clients always connect directly with the Lawyers to solve the cases.

We continue to share and understand clients’ efforts to overcome business and life challenges and to grow. We are committed to creating a culture of “accompanying” and “sharing” with every client.

(1) Flexible legal solutions, standards in compliance with legal regulations;

(2) Confidentiality of all client information;

(3) Efficiency is the deciding factor;

(5) Refund 100% of the cost of the license service/administrative procedure if it cannot be completed.

Committed to providing a valuable experience

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